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What is COOLIEF for the Knee?

COOLIEF is a minimally invasive treatment method for chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It employs water-cooling technology and radiofrequency waves to produce heat which deactivates the sensory nerves that transmit pain signals to your brain. 

COOLIEF covers a larger treatment area and is more precise in targeting pain-generating nerves. It is the first and only FDA-approved radiofrequency treatment for the relief of knee pain from osteoarthritis. COOLIEF is a short procedure and gives effective results in pain management.

What are the Indications for COOLIEF for the Knee?

Your surgeon may recommend COOLIEF for the knee if:

  • You have chronic knee pain for more than 3 months
  • You did not have relief from medication
  • You are not a candidate for knee surgery
  • You are not comfortable with/ready for knee surgery

How to Prepare for COOLIEF for the Knee?

Before scheduling COOLIEF for the knee, your orthopedic surgeon will examine your knee. You will be given specific instructions to follow until the date of your procedure. You may have restrictions regarding your food intake, work schedule, and exercise prior to the COOLIEF procedure.

What are the Advantages of COOLIEF for the Knee?

COOLIEF for the knee offers the following benefits:

Doesn’t require incisions

Unlike surgery, COOLIEF involves no incision.

No overnight hospital stays

COOLIEF is an outpatient procedure and does not require general anesthesia. Hence you can return home shortly after treatment.

Quick recovery time

Since COOLIEF does not require incisions, many patients experience pain relief within 1-2 weeks and can return to an enhanced quality of life much sooner than with surgery.

Pain relief lasts for up to 12 months

As per the reports from numerous clinical studies, most of the patients who underwent COOLIEF procedure experienced significant pain reduction.

Improved mobility

COOLIEF has been clinically proven to significantly enhance long-term physical functions and quality of life for OA knee patients for up to 12 months.

No opioid recovery medication

You may experience some short-term discomfort which can be treated with common over-the-counter medications.

Patient satisfaction

Higher patient satisfaction is reported over steroid injections.


COOLIEF treatments are covered by most insurance providers.

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