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One of the main reasons why our faces age is the loss of collagen (protein in the body) in the deeper layers of our face which results in hollow, recessed eyes and flattened cheeks.

PRP facelift is a way to rejuvenate the face by combing dermal fillers and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to help improve the appearance of the tone and texture of the skin and lift it away from the facial bones to restore youthful volume and shape.

Why use PRP?

PRP is known for its unique healing abilities and when activated, the platelets release several growth factors. This process stimulates healing and growth by activating an individual’s stem cells. From medical studies, PRP is only effective when concentrated to 5-9 times the concentration of blood.

Treatment Details

A successful result begins with a thorough understanding of what a patient wantsto achieve from the PRP facelift procedure.

Dr. Nuti first starts with an evaluation and consultation so that proper understanding is established in knowing what results are expected.

Afterwards, the physician will cleanse the skin with a gentle antiseptic and an anesthetic cream is applied and allowed to penetrate the treatment areas while blood is drawn from the arm.

Using an artistic eye, Dr. Nutiwill inject dermal filler in particular areas of the face such as the cheeks and lips to sculpt a younger appearing face while keeping the shape natural.

After the lift has been achieved with the filler, careful injection of PRP is placed in those areas which have been affected by aging.

How long does a PRP Facelift last?

The effects of the procedure improves for 2-3 months and can potentially last for 1-2 years.